We Do Virus Cleanups

Has anyone claiming to be “Microsoft” tried to call you to help clean up viruses? They are scammers and this scam has been going on the better part of 2 years. If you are concerned about an infection on your PC take it into a computer shop you trust to help prevent/limit data theft.

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Expert Laptop / Desktop Repair!

Virus’s, Malware, Trojans and Popups Eliminated

Cracked Screens, DC-Jacks, Hinges, & Chargers Repaired

Blue screens, Glitches, and Freezes Vanquished

We Stock Parts!

Computer Care stocks the largest supply of computer parts in Columbus

Desktop and Laptop Hard Drives & SSD’s, Memory, CPU’s, Motherboards, & Displays

Networking: Switches, Routers, & Wireless, Power Supplies, Cases, Cables & Connectors

Hundreds of Misc Accessories

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