Virus Cleanups

  • Eliminate Virus’ & Trojans
  • Stop Those Annoying Popups
  • Optimize System Startup
  • Update Your Protection

Not Booting / Bluescreen

Can be caused by many different issues, though many times it’s just a corrupted Windows.  If it’s caused by a hardware failure, we will call you with what we found and the cost to repair, before we do anything.

The Flat Rate fee for repairing Windows is $75

Laptop Screen Repair

We will replace your broken Laptop Screen with a brand new one.  These must be ordered and take 5 – 7 days to receive. Prior to ordering, you will be notified of the exact replacement cost for your approval.

Standard Labor is $50 plus cost of screen

Touchscreens are $95 Labor

Wipe w/Fresh Install

We will delete everything from your computer, then install your licensed version of Windows, including all updates, drivers, protection and a few useful utilities. Please note, this will erase everything that was on your system, Programs, Data, and Drivers. (It will be as if you just bought a new computer, except there will be no junk-ware)

This is a Flat Rate fee of – $50

Add a Data Save

Save You Documents, Music, Pictures & Videos

Up to 50GB – $25  /  Up to 100GB – $40

Over 100GB – $40 + $.10 per GB

Laptop DC-Jack Repair

Broken DC-Jack or Problems Charging

We will repair or replace the DC-Jack as needed. Replacement may take 5 to 7 days to get the required part.

This Flat Rate fee includes Part, Labor and Tax

$75 for Cable Style Jack

$125 for Solder Style Jack

Other Laptop Repairs

  • Hinge Repair
  • Overheating / Running Slow
  • Battery / Charger / Broken Cable
  • Keyboard Problems
  • Liquid Damage

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